African American Reach, Moms Reach, Special Needs Households

The Niche Market Reach Specialists (since 1998)

We connect marketers with hard to reach audiences via digital platforms. Our core focus is multicultural reach, parents, and special needs caregivers.

More Than Just Banners (Way More)

We offer a vast array of innovative ad formats that elegantly demand attention without creating consumer angst across desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms

In-House Marketing and Design Services

We offer marketing consultation and innovate digital ad design packages for clients who truly want to make a unique impact

Our Core Verticals

We offer the best prime ad placements and experiences across a number of key consumer verticals in the United States

Multicultural Reach

Our multicultural vertical focuses on reach to African American, Hispanic, and Asian American audiences.  These audiences are highly exist in mass digitally but are highly fragmented with no real leader outlets.  Using our ad network options helps you to achieve your goals.

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Special Needs

Special needs caregivers are always scouring the internet for products, offers, and services for their loved ones.  Our special needs vertical helps companies to create the right awareness by showcasing your brand against a well vetted channel that directly caters to this segment.

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Multicultural Moms

Moms share universal core values in the wants and needs for their children and households.  Our multicultural moms channel helps advertisers that need to specifically speak to segments of the mom population with unique offers, products, imagery, or services.

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Our Capabilities

Here’s a few of our most used advertising solutions

Endemic Targeting

Achieve your goals by advertising on digital properties that directly target the audiences that you’re looking for.

High Impact Executions

We have a great menu of high end executions available from scroll busting units to overlays, skins, interstitials, and more

In-House Rich Media

We offer a number of high end in-house served ‘beyond the banner’ ad solutions that helps to maximize your spend and results

Video Advertising

Have a commercial or video that you’d like to promote?  We can serve your video perfectly in any of our core verticals in a variety of ways.

Mobile Ad Solutions

We’re an early runner in mobile marketing solutions.  We offer both standard and custom ad experiences depending on your budget.


We offer custom targeting down to individual cities.  A perfect choice for local businesses, tourism boards, event marketers and more.

  • “Ad Networks are a must have vehicle for achieving reach across niche audiences … media plans that only include cherry picked site options are extremely limiting”

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  • “Buying customized sponsorships on large properties typically exhausts media budgets with very little return except for some nice screenshots to show to your client … AdGroups delivers results”

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  • “ yields greater spread, coverage, and linear pricing over single site placements into all of our covered verticals.”

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Client Examples

Just a recent handful of the thousands of advertisers who have utilized our services over the last 18 years