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Multicultural Reach

Multicultural Reach

African American Reach Specialists

Looking to reach African Americans via the internet and mobile devices?  You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve worked with multicultural marketers in every major industry category.  Our longevity in the space is a testament of our results driven solutions.

Perfect Outlet For Multicultural

Marketers looking to advertising to African Americans will find greater reach, scale, and leveraged pricing than one-off site placements on old regime cliche media choices

Multi-Site Ad Experiences

We can deliver powerful ad experiences for both desktop and mobile platforms across large parts of our network (why pay massive premiums for a premium ad experience on a few sites when we can do it across dozens)

Endemic Content

Your ads appear on some of the best websites for African Americans (no technological mumbo jumbo or lengthy algorithms … this is no brainer content targeting that makes perfect sense)

More About Multicultural Marketing

A media planning primer on marketing to African Americans ….

There are literally thousands of African American targeted websites that cover all types of topics.

The space is what’s called ‘bottom heavy’ meaning that the audience is fragmented across thousands of specialty topic sites.  A proper multicultural media plan that involves marketing to African Americans must contain a good amount of spread and coverage to properly penetrate this audience.  The catch 22 is that it doesn’t always make sense for a planner to call on smaller sites independently (enter AdGroups — we provide the mass coverage and spread you need for your campaigns).

Ready to get started?

Give us a call and let’s talk about your project and we’ll give you the best recommendation (also if available you can click the “chat with us” at the lower left to instantly speak to one of our agents)

Our Capabilities

Here’s a few of our most used advertising solutions

Endemic Targeting

We’re a true African American Ad network.  We offer outlets that directly targets African Americans (places where your ads make sense)

High Impact Executions

We have a great menu of high end executions available from scroll busting units to overlays, skins, interstitials, and more

In-House Rich Media

We offer a number of high end in-house served ‘beyond the banner’ ad solutions that helps to maximize your spend and results

Video Advertising

Have a commercial or video that you’d like to promote?  We can serve your video perfectly in any of our core verticals in a variety of ways.

Mobile Ad Solutions

We’re an early runner in mobile marketing solutions.  We offer both standard and custom ad experiences depending on your budget..


We offer custom targeting down to individual cities.  A perfect choice for local or regional businesses