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Publisher FAQ

Publisher FAQ

Publisher FAQ

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What types of outlets do you accept?
Any high quality web or mobile publisher whose primary target is reaching Multicultural, Special Needs (specifically Autism and ADHD), Moms/Parenting, or Senior audiences.  Note:  We do not accept commerce based sites (e-stores) or publishers who have derogatory naming convention as part of their domain names.

What are the minimum requirements to join your network?
– Sites must not contain any content that would be deemed offensive, volatile, or questionable
– Site’s main content must not be primarily e-commerce oriented (ie no online stores)
– Site’s general ad layout must be elegant (ie no ads of the same size repeating over and over on the same page or clustered in a noisy fashion)

What is your pay out schedule?
Net 60 from the close of a calendar month (ie payments kick in after your second month of participation and continue monthly there after).  Our minimum payout is $100.00 and we can remit payments via paypal (recommended), standard check, or direct deposit.  Accounts that don’t reach this minimum are rolled over to the subsequent pay-out period until they reach the payment threshold.

How long does it take to be approved?
Typically 5-7 business days…sometimes longer if we have a large deluge of applications (always feel free to check with us on the status of your application)

Can you secure specialized sponsorships for my website?
Large sponsorships are executed via our network on a frequent basis.  The likelihood for a publisher to be selected for a special sponsorship depends on a number of variables dictated by an advertiser.  All publishers won’t be a fit for all campaigns but if your site fits what one of our clients is looking for we’ll definitely get your site in front of them if we can.   Please note that the final decisions for specialized executions are made by the advertiser and not  Additionally sites with traffic less than 50,000 unique visitors per month (as audited by a major 3rd party reporting service) are generally not candidates for specialized placements within our network but can still do fine with standard placements.

How much will I earn?
Earnings are directly related to the amount of traffic that your site garners, the type of audience that your site attracts, where you place our ads (ie above the fold or below the fold….or in premium real estate on your page), the types of ads that you decide to carry, and the interaction rates of the ads with the audience(s) you attract.  We can’t predict what any single site will earn but these are the most important key variables to be successful in our network.

What is the unit of sale?
We work with a great variety of advertisers with different goals.  Everything that shows on your website translates into an effective CPM or CPC.   We also have some specialized pricing for sponsorship oriented placements and other non-standard executions.  You’ll have on-going access to easily check your stats at anytime via your own interface within our systems.

What kind of banners will show on my site?
The cool thing about participating with a specialized network is that you’ll see more relevant ads tailored to your audience than participating in any other kind of similar program.  You have full rights to turn down any ad that you feel is not appropriate for your website.

Any tips to be successful?
There are too many to list.  A few of the main things that you want to look out for would be the following:

  • Don’t over saturate your site with too many ads (keep an elegant layout where ad opportunities are considered as premium real estate)
  • Don’t participate in too many networks (this only spreads your site thin and reduces the chance of garnering direct advertising opportunities)
  • Don’t participate in competing networks:  A good rule of thumb to maximize profits is to participate in 1 general network, 1 vertical network (if you cater to a niche audience), and 1 performance or click-based network.  It’s very rare that for non-competing networks to compete for the same campaigns.
  • Update your site often
  • Keep it clean
  • Don’t sign exclusive contracts that shuts you out of working with others…even on a industry, category, or per advertiser basis
  • Be original (as an example…entertainment news and celebrity gossip is very saturated…if you take this route – try to define what makes you different and original)

What’s your general CPM range?
Rates vary depending on a number of variables (the more targeted the ad the more it may cost).  The bulk of ads from our network will range from .50 to $7.00.

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Please contact us if you have any other questions not covered in the above FAQs

Ready to Sign up? By Completing An Application – You Agree With The Terms Of Service:


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