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Special Needs Advertising

Special Needs Marketing

Best In Class Targeting Options

Desktop and mobile ads across sites that matter to the target

Special Needs parents and caregivers are always looking for the best products, services, and solutions for their loved ones.  Advertising in our special needs vertical is affordable and allows brands to leverage all types of digital ads.

Endemic Targeting (the right audience ... the right environment)

We target your offers on properties that directly focus on providing information about special needs (specifically topics related to Autism)

Local Targeting Directly To Your City, State, Or Region

Geotargeting is a must have for special needs service providers.  Your ads will not only the right sites but also (if necessary) only to people visiting those sites from your specific location

Highly Affordable Advertising Subscription Packages

Our advertising subscription packages allows you to have an ‘always on’ pulse of awareness for your offerings on a monthly basis.  Our packages allows you to set your own budget with no minimum contracts or terms.

More About Special Needs Marketing

(and why our service matters)

Did you know that most key decision makers are probably not aware your offerings?  It’s true.  In a recent in-house study, only 30% of parents with a special needs child could name 5 or more resources (local or national) and only 5% could name 10 or more.  When asked by category such as schools, therapists, or even apps … only 20% could name 5 or more resources.

Referrals aren’t enough … social media isn’t enough  … caregivers desperately want to hear about products and services.  That’s where we come in.  Our advertising subscription options can help build on-going awareness of your offerings.

Awesome, I would like to start a Project Now!

Give us a call and let’s talk about your product or service and we’ll give you the best recommendation (also if available you can click the “chat with us” at the lower left to instantly speak to one of our agents)

Advertise Where It Counts

We aggregate millions of page views across outlets that matter to the target

Better than Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be a waste because it targets a sizable amount of your budget to people who are sympathetic to the general topic of your cause but not true potential consumers.  Social marketing engines can’t differentiate between these groups.

Better Than Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing slightly falls short for special needs targeting because it relies on the consumer (the parent) to be versed in what to search for in order to trigger an ad (do you think that a parent with a new autistic child knows keywords like ABA, floortime, and OT?)

Professional Quick Start Services

Interested but don’t know where to start?  We offer professional banner design services for a nominal fee to get you started quickly.  We’ve designed hundreds of banners for Fortune 500 advertisers and can help to give you the best showing possible for your company.

Our Capabilities

Here’s a few of our most used advertising solutions

Endemic Targeting

Achieve your goals by advertising on digital properties that directly target the audiences that you’re looking for.

High Impact Executions

We have a great menu of high end executions available from scroll busting units to overlays, skins, interstitials, and more

In-House Rich Media

We offer a number of high end in-house served ‘beyond the banner’ ad solutions that helps to maximize your spend and results

Video Advertising

Have a commercial or video that you’d like to promote?  We can serve your video perfectly in any of our core verticals in a variety of ways.

Mobile Ad Solutions

We’re an early runner in mobile marketing solutions.  We offer both standard and custom ad experiences depending on your budget.


We offer custom targeting down to individual cities.  A perfect choice for local service providers, schools, special event marketers, and more.